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Frequently asked questions

Will you dismantle and re-build my furniture?

We'll dismantle and re-erect beds, wardrobes, trampoline etc

Will you dispose of any furniture I no longer want/need?

We'll dispose of any furniture you don't want. We have a licence to take to landfill, but if we sell something, we'll donate the proceeds to the Reigate charity 'Stripey Stork'. Please check our Facebook page for confirmation that funds are indeed sent to Stripey Stork.

Do you provide a packing service?

Our ladies will pack either just glass and china, or the entire contents of your property.

What if I want to do my own packing?

If you want to pack your own effects, you're welcome to cartons (returnable deposit may be required) and complimentary packing tape.

How does payment work?

We don't ask for any deposit or prepayment (unless storage involved). Just payment at the end of the move please.

When do I call you round for a quotation?

We see most people when they're about a month before exchanging contracts.

How much notice to you need to move us?

We're in your hands! Ideally a couple of weeks, but we're well aware you can only give us the notice your conveyancer gives you.

When would your ladies come to pack?

Normally the previous day but weekends and Bank Holidays can change that.

Can we obtain a quotation by phone or by giving you an inventory?

Sorry, we're not one of those companies - we'd like to visit your property to assess access, volume of possessions to be moved, which items need to be dismantled and re-assembled, and by whom. We'd also like to meet you! If we're going to be in regular contact, it's nice to put a face to a voice.

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